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01 Ago, 2023

Playing responsibly in online casinos is a good practice that entertainment centers should encourage and that players should consult before betting. Various national and international organizations warn about the risks of investing a lot of time and money in gambling houses. In this article, you will learn everything about the responsible gambling guide.

What is responsible gambling?

Responsible gambling is a set of measures, behaviors, and actions that online casinos must promote and that users of a platform must adhere to in order to enjoy a fun and healthy gaming experience. By following these policies, players can enjoy casino attractions within a reasonable timeframe without jeopardizing their money or assets.

These are recommendations that prevent the onset of psychological illnesses that seriously compromise the well-being of players. Some customers of betting houses develop a gambling addiction. They invest a lot of time and money in the platforms, affecting their entire environment and their physical and mental health. This disorder is known as gambling addiction and there are organizations that provide professional support.

These measures aim to raise awareness among users about the risks of gambling, the possibility of developing addiction, and the potential to seriously affect their habits and behaviors. Ultimately, it is the users themselves who can control their gambling habits, enjoying and betting in a rational manner.

Fortunately, few players develop this disease. However, entertainment centers, both physical locations and online casinos, must promote gaming behaviors that do not put their customers' integrity at risk or contribute to excessive spending of money.

For reasons of public interest, these policies are developed by international and national organizations, as many people become insolvent and lose their properties to cover their gambling debts. In addition, the dependence on gambling affects the emotional health of the person suffering from it, causing disorders in the family and professional environment.

Many of these institutions are also responsible for overseeing compliance with responsible gambling policies and other security measures because they have the authority to do so. They even provide psychological medical assistance to those affected and offer information and advice on overcoming the disorder. They are organizations that provide immediate help.

When the game is not responsible?

Many circumstances are signs of irresponsible gambling. Not only on the part of the players, but also on the part of online casinos. Therefore, the chances of developing gambling addiction increase. Gambling no longer represents fun or entertainment for these individuals, it only constitutes a psychological illness that requires help and attention.

Users do not comply with good practices of responsible gambling when they experience these situations:

  • Many hours of play. Dependent users often play for long periods of time neglecting their daily tasks and responsibilities. For them, the game is a priority and their only option. They do not design or implement a reasonable game schedule.
  • They invest a lot of money. They bet in online casinos without considering the inherent risks of losses. They do not respect their budgets or the money limitations they may be experiencing. They do not invest reasonable amounts of money according to their level of experience.
  • Personal and family heritage is compromised. Clients with a gambling addiction do not clearly understand the risks of losing money, and instead of stopping their losses, they continue to bet. They even request loans and credits to cover their debts in online casinos.
  • Aggressive behavior. Those affected have difficulty complying with the limitations imposed by entertainment centers. They are uncomfortable with the rules of responsible gaming practices. They do not tolerate limits on bets, winnings, and time at each attraction.
  • Dissatisfaction. They do not accept losses as part of the normal cycle of the game as mature and mentally stable individuals would. They often experience depression and deep sadness with each loss. Feelings of dissatisfaction are always present.
  • Isolation. Players with dependency are characterized by not having an active social life. They do not share with friends or family, and it is even possible that they have lost them. They tend to isolate themselves and limit social interaction completely.
  • Playing as a source of income. Players who suffer from this disorder consider casino attractions as exclusive sources of economic income. They do not seek refuge in them for fun or entertainment. That is why financial losses affect them emotionally and make them make irrational decisions.

Players who present any of these symptoms should seek professional help immediately. They must stop playing and gambling. To do this, they can seek help from the casino itself by undergoing a self-exclusion policy and staying away from the platforms for up to 6 months, with no possibility of revocation or cancellation of the measure.

Some sites do not contribute directly or indirectly to responsible gambling in online casinos, especially those that do not provide security or trust. Often, these are platforms that only seek to defraud their users because the safest online casinos encourage good responsible gambling practices with a series of measures.

Certain entertainment platforms do not develop a responsible gaming policy, do not provide timely information, do not professionally train their employees to identify this type of behavior, do not have the possibility of self-exclusion, and do not establish time limits for gaming, winnings, or bets. These sites should be completely avoided.

The addiction of casino players

Certain players can develop an addiction to casino attractions, seriously compromising their physical and mental well-being. This is a psychological disorder called gambling addiction and it requires professional medical attention to overcome. Fortunately, only a small group of players develop this problem. The majority of users enjoy casino games. Their main objective is entertainment, and they even prefer to play for free.

In Europe, 3% of players are affected, with rates even lower in some countries. In Latin America, the situation is more concerning. There are government and private initiatives that provide timely and quality care to players suffering from this disorder. Although it is difficult to predict these types of behaviors, there are some individuals who are more susceptible to these risks.

  • Lack of money. Players with budget problems often develop dependence more easily. Not having another source of income is a big limitation.
  • Depression. Stress, anxiety, and distress are decisive factors in disorders of this type. Many seek refuge in gambling to escape from their emotional problems.
  • Immaturity. Many adults do not possess the level of mental maturity to clearly discern between healthy fun and gambling addiction. They do not control their impulses or behaviors.
  • Waste of money. Many players easily develop dependence because they do not skimp or reasonably consider the money they spend. They feel comfortable investing large amounts of money.
  • Availability of casinos. Online casinos are easily accessible to anyone who has an electronic device with an internet connection. Without a doubt, one can play at any time without major limitations.
  • Social isolation. Players who do not have friends, do not exercise, or do not socialize frequently often develop a dependence on casino attractions easily.

People who suffer from gambling addiction go through three well-defined phases. First, a stage of winnings in which the player enjoys and invests a lot of money. Second, a phase of loss where the player experiences sadness. Third, a stage of desperation where signs of dependence are more evident.


The following responsible gambling guide is useful for those who are showing signs of gambling addiction. These recommendations do not replace the necessary medical attention.

  • Self-exclusion policy. With this measure, both the affected individuals and their family members can block online casinos for up to 6 months. These policies cannot be canceled.
  • Promote friendship bonds. Create groups of friends that promote good practices of responsible gaming. These bonds relieve stress and the player experiences feelings of well-being.
  • Release stress. It is necessary to release pressure and stress in order to not develop attachment or dependence of any kind. Exercise is beneficial for health.
  • Socializing. It is of vital importance for players to engage in various activities to make friends and learn new things.
  • Establish a gaming schedule. The player must reduce their gaming time to reasonable limits. It is advisable for them to organize their schedule and prioritize their responsibilities.
  • Set a budget. It is also of utmost importance to invest small amounts in bets, especially if the budget is limited.

The role of bookmakers in responsible gambling

Responsible gambling in online casinos is part of the security that these platforms must offer. These measures are as important as transparency, confidentiality, and protection of minors, among others. These sites have the duty to promote good practices of responsible gambling, even by legal mandate.

The obligations of this type are manifested in the following way:

  • Time limits. Access to casino games is limited in time. Workers are trained to identify dependent players.
  • Profit limits. The profits that players can earn are subject to maximum limits. These limits depend on the policy of each online casino.
  • Betting limits. Each gaming center sets its own betting limits. This reduces the possibility of wasting personal and family assets.
  • Self-exclusion policy. With this measure, players are excluded for 6 months and it is applied by their own request or by their relatives.
  • Worker training. Workers in physical casinos are prepared to identify dependent players and take appropriate measures.

What to do in case a problem arises?

It is necessary for users of a platform to consult the responsible gaming guide of the entertainment center. This manual indicates the limitations that online casinos must comply with in order to promote good responsible gaming practices and are strictly adhered to by all customers and the gaming house itself.

If a user considers any measure arbitrary, they only need to review these game policies. In case of doubt, they can request assistance from the casino's customer support center. The best sites offer various channels. The most common ones are phone contacts, chat, frequently asked questions section, and email.

Generally, customer support is in your country and available every day of the year, 24/7. If issues persist, interested players can turn to the competent authorities who have the tools and powers to resolve any type of problem. They have the power to enforce the respective laws.

Many international institutions can mediate in conflicts that arise between Australian casinos and players. Although they are not official bodies, they are committed to resolving all types of differences that arise between the parties. They also offer advisory and guidance services. They are made up of trained teams.

Organizations against gambling dependence

Fortunately, players have access to a range of national and international organizations, both official and private, to receive assistance, advice, and guidance on responsible online casino gambling and its impact on well-being, physical health, and mental health. Customers can receive help from the following entities:

  • GamCare. It is an institution based in Great Britain. It only offers services and guidance in English. It has a highly trained team.
  • Anonymous Players Association of Australia. It is a Australian organization that offers professional and trained help. It has recovery plans.
  • Gambling Therapy is an organization that offers counseling, information, technical assistance, and psychological support in Spanish through various channels of communication.
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