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01 Ago, 2023


This personal data management regulation establishes the rules and measures to ensure the protection of personal data of the website, hereinafter referred to as the Website Manager.

1.1. The Website Manager upholds the commitment to human and civil rights during the handling of personal data, including the defense of privacy rights and personal and family confidentiality as the ultimate goal and primary requirement for carrying out its activities.

1.2. This personal data management policy of the Website Manager (hereinafter, the Policy) applies to all information that the Website Manager may collect about visitors to the website


2.1. Automated processing of personal data: handling of personal data through software;

2.2. Blocking of personal data: temporary suspension of the processing of personal data (except in cases where clarification of personal data is required).

2.3. Website: a compilation of graphic and informational elements, as well as computer programs and databases that ensure its availability on the Internet at the web address

2.4. Personal data information system: a set of personal data in databases, as well as information technologies and technical tools that facilitate the processing of personal data.

2.5. Anonymity of personal data: measures that make it impossible to determine which specific user or subject of personal data the personal data belongs to without the use of additional information.

2.6. Processing of personal data: any action (operation) or series of actions (operations) carried out with or without the use of computer equipment aimed at personal data, including collection, recording, organization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, modification), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data;

2.7. Personal data: any information directly or indirectly related to a defined or identifiable User of the Website;

2.8. User: any visitor of the website;

2.9. Disclosure of personal data: measures aimed at making personal data visible to an individual or a specific group of people;

2.10. Destruction of personal data: any action that results in the irreversible elimination of personal data with the impossibility of their subsequent recovery in the personal data information system and/or that results in the destruction of the material media containing personal data.

2.11. "Cookies": a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user's computer. A web client or web browser sends cookies as an HTTP request to a web server every time the corresponding web page is accessed.


3.1. Collection and processing of anonymous data about visitors (including "cookies") with the help of Internet statistics services such as Google Analytics and others;

3.2. The Website Manager collects the following data:

IP address;
browser type and version;
screen resolution;
browser language;
time zone;
operating system;
device type;
email addresses that provide such functionality are implemented on the website.


The purpose of processing the User's personal data is to inform the User through the sending of emails; to provide the User with access to services, information, and/or materials from the website whenever such functionality is implemented on the website;

4.2. Additionally, the Website Manager has the right to inform the User about new products and services, special offers, and various events. The user can always unsubscribe from the advertisements by sending a message marked as "Unsubscribe from any notifications of new products, services, and special offers" to the Website Manager.

4.3. Anonymous user data collected through Internet statistics services is used to gather information about user actions on the Website and to improve the quality of the website and its content.


5.1. The use of cookies is required for Users to be able to use the websites and all their functions, for example, access to protected sections of the website. If desired, the User can block or delete cookies by changing the browser settings accordingly, but Users should be aware that this will affect the proper functioning of the websites.

5.2. Analytical "cookies" files collect information about how Users use the Websites. They allow the Website Manager to receive information about what Users are interested in on the websites and make appropriate improvements to the websites. For example, cookies show the Website Manager which pages of websites are visited most frequently, help identify difficulties encountered when using websites, and evaluate marketing performance. Thanks to this, the Website Manager has the opportunity to survey trends in the overall use of the website.

5.3. Users can adjust the use of cookies through their browser settings. If the User decides to disable cookies, they will still be able to use the websites, although some sections and functions of the websites may not work. All browsers are different. To understand how to disable cookies in your browser, please refer to the help menu.


6.1. The Website Manager processes the User's personal data only if the User voluntarily completed and/or submitted them through special forms located on the website. In case of conflicts or inconsistencies between the English version and any other version in another language of the Policy, the English version shall prevail.


By using the Website and submitting information through the contact forms, the User confirms that they have read the current version of the Privacy Policy and accepts its terms.

7.2. The applicable legislation to the Privacy Policy and the relationship between the User and the Website Administrator arising from the application of the Privacy Policy is the law of the country where the administrator is located.

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