Q: Are doTemplate’s templates really free?
Yes, our templates are absolutely free. However, you can go for premium templates for more advanced functionalities and features. If you would like to create a unique template that matches your branding, doTemplate premium features will help you do it quickly and professionally.

Q: What is a Responsive template?
A: Responsive template means that the template will adapt to different screen sizes, displaying the content impeccably on all devices from tablets, mobiles and PCs, thus making your website user-friendly and easy to navigate for your visitors.
All our premium templates are responsive.

Q: I would like to create a website, but I cannot make a decision yet whether I should use HTML or WordPress template, what should I do?
A: No worry. With doTemplate, you can export the personalized template in both formats. You can then try both of them. Check our online blog about HTML VS WordPress site for more information.

Q: Are doTemplate themes compatible with WordPress?
A: Yes, our premium templates can be downloaded as WordPress themes.

Q: How many modifications can I make with the template?
A: For premium templates, there’s no limitation on how many modifications you make on the template. The access to Template Online Builder is given for 6 months period from the purchase date or up to 5 downloads. The 5 downloads is provided in order to allow you to fine tune your template on the web server until you are satisfied with the results. We know that this customization can be tedious. However, the access to Template Online Builder is private and it can only be used by you for one single website. Please check our templates license or more information.

Q: Can I switch from one template to another?
A: No, you cannot switch from a template to another once you have chosen a template. We advise you to navigate through our catalog to check out all our templates before choosing one.