Our Templates license

doTemplate.com grants you 3 types of license to use its web templates available as free or premium templates on our website as follows:


Website templates, that can be downloaded free of charge, have restricted usage conditions and cannot be used for commercial purpose. These free templates can be used only for non-profit personal website, non-profit organization website or educational purposes or organizations (schools, universities, etc.). In such cases, credits in the footer and in the source code, linking back to doTemplate.com, must be retained. The visual of the credits in the footer can be modified to fit your design, however, it must be visible and the link remains unchanged. You may not share, redistribute the template, “as is” or modified, without prior written authorization from doTemplate.com.


If you are building a commercial website for you or your client, you must purchase this template. By commercial website, we mean a website generating any kind of revenue including advertising revenues such as Google Ads. This license gives you the right to use the purchased template on a single website only. After the purchase, you can access the personalization service up until 5 template downloads or 6-months time from the purchase date, whatever condition comes first. The multiple downloads enables you to modify the template to suit your needs on a single website only. You are free to keep or remove the credit back link from a purchased template.


If you wish to resell or redistribute our template(s) “as is” or modified, you must apply for an Extended License. Please contact us for more information about this license.

All our licenses are also non-exclusive limited license.


If you have not received the extended license, you shall not place any of our templates, modified or unmodified, on a diskette, CD, website or any other medium. You also shall not offer them for redistribution or resale of any kind without prior written consent from doTemplate.com. For Free templates license and premium templates license, any kind of separate usage, resell or distribution of the template is strictly prohibited.

All templates found on doTemplate.com shall not be used by any entity for the purpose of promoting or participating in any illegal activities.