How do we rate online casinos? review criteria

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01 Ago, 2023

To choose the safest online casinos, we conduct thorough research and invest a series of resources and time. Our evaluation process is rigorous because we consider a variety of aspects of great importance. Keep reading to learn how we evaluate online casinos according to objective and transparent parameters.

General view

The igaming industry has expanded in Australia in recent years, especially after the health emergency caused by Covid-19. The number of casino players has multiplied. That is why the video game industry is interested in the country.

Due to the great advantages that the sector represents, many online sites have emerged to play casino attractions. The offer is immense, so it could be difficult to choose the best option, especially for those who have no experience or knowledge in games of chance and luck.

Many inexperienced players can easily be deceived with fraudulent promotions and advertising, as there are many online casinos that only seek to illegally exploit their users' personal and banking data. It is very easy to become a victim of cybercrime and online scams due to the special characteristics of the internet.

Fortunately, we have the experience and knowledge you need to enjoy this magical world of games. For years, we have played in a variety of physical and virtual casinos, so we know how to distinguish the most outstanding places to bet with confidence and multiply the fun. You just have to follow our recommendations.

With the tips we offer, it will be very easy to identify the safest online casinos and those that offer attractive advantages, even for novice players. We simplify the search processes, saving valuable time and resources. Our advice is easy to follow and guarantees unique and unforgettable gaming experiences.

How do we do the evaluations?

In the rating of an online casino, we consider several aspects of great importance to play with total confidence and ensure winnings. We only recommend reliable sites, in which we have verified their benefits. The best operators are those that strictly meet these criteria:

User rating

User feedback on a gaming platform is very important. In principle, they have the highest authority to judge a betting site. They rate the services provided based on their personal experiences. We have the ability to quickly identify authentic reviews from those that are not.

Awards and honours

The safest and most prestigious online casinos stand out in the industry. Their services do not go unnoticed and are recognized. Many have received awards and accolades for the quality of their services. Without a doubt, we include these casinos in our lists after personally verifying their virtues.


In our evaluation process, we consider game development companies that provide software to casinos. The top companies only select prestigious casinos and grant them licenses to legally exploit their programs. This is synonymous with high-quality games with stunning sounds and visuals.


Many players have asked us how we evaluate online casinos and what are the essential characteristics that gambling sites must have. One of the most important elements we review is the number of years that entertainment centers have been providing services, if they are sites with a long tradition in the industry.


We include all those online gaming centers that offer poor quality services or that are distinguished by not fulfilling their legal and contractual obligations in a blacklist and under no circumstances do we recommend them. In this list, we also include those that have fraudulently become insolvent and have not paid out winning bets.

pay rates

Another important aspect is related to the payout percentages of winning bets in an online casino. If the site is known for honoring all its debts in the forms and times stipulated in its policies, we consider it and personally review it. Similarly, we discard those that only pay out some winning bets.

Valuation criteria

Are you interested in knowing how we evaluate online casinos? Discover our process for evaluating online gaming operators. The criteria we analyze in the selection are as follows:


The safest online casinos are those that have the respective permits to operate in the sector and are issued by the competent authorities. These sites are subject to inspections by the competent bodies. We investigate the license data to verify that they are legal.


It is very important that the betting house has all the computer and manual mechanisms to protect personal and banking data from cyber attacks and disclosure by third parties without proper authorization. The systems must be protected with SSL protocols and encryption codes.


It is more convenient for Australian players to use platforms in their native language: Spanish, especially for those who are not bilingual. The native language facilitates gaming and the use of control panels. It is also very important for resolving doubts, concerns, and for filing complaints, grievances, or making respective requests.

Customer Support

The best online entertainment centers are those that serve their users at any time of the day. They are available every day of the year to resolve doubts and complaints. They operate 24/7 and also offer personalized and direct assistance through various channels: phone contact, chat, FAQ section, and email.

quality games

Undoubtedly, one of the most important criteria we consider is the quality of the games offered by online betting houses. The games must guarantee a fun and enjoyable experience. The story, sounds, and resolution of the images must be attractive to captivate the audience.

Withdrawal periods

Another important aspect of how we review casinos is related to the withdrawal time of funds. All winning players want to transfer their winnings to their personal bank accounts immediately, so sites must guarantee short withdrawal periods. The top places facilitate transfers as quickly as possible.

Verification processes

In our evaluation process, we select those casinos that require identity verification, as they demonstrate that they are faithful compliance with the rules and are committed to the security of the site and its users. Many require personal photos, proof of address, and bank account statements.


Bonuses are another essential aspect that we analyze in our evaluation process. With bonuses, players can play a certain number of spins on slot machines and roulette for free. If they represent cash, they can also be withdrawn from the platforms. Bonuses increase players' winnings.

Mobile app

Comfort is another important aspect in our evaluation process. We select sites that have fully functional mobile applications, where you can register, deposit, withdraw money, and play at any time. This includes those that work correctly on all types of devices and operating systems.

Conditions and terms

The conditions and terms of the games and the use of the platforms must be favorable for the players. Even though the policies of the casinos protect the interests of these sites, the conditions must be fair and proportional. They should promote gaming, fun, and winnings.


The control panels of online casinos must be simple, easy to use, and ensure the speed and optimal functioning of the games. This is a requirement that betting centers must fully satisfy and that determines the quality of the game and the comfort on the platform.

payment installments

Payment rates must be high to attract our interest. If the fees are high, so will be the profits. The most prestigious online casinos have competitive rates to win over the players' will. We also examine all the conditions of mode and time that must be met.

Payment methods offered by the operator

In our evaluation process, we consider the payment methods accepted by casinos. For users, it is very convenient to have various payment methods, both for depositing bets and withdrawing winnings. Customers have the right to choose the method that suits them best.

The gallery must include the most popular and commonly used for online purchases. Therefore, electronic wallets such as Paypal and Neteller cannot be missing. They are the most popular because they guarantee instant transactions. Deposits and withdrawals are made effective immediately. They are also very secure.

It is also common for online betting houses to accept bank transfers. They are very secure and reliable means because they are backed by large financial institutions. The process for transfers to be effective takes more time. The most prestigious casinos process them between 5 and 7 days.

Bets can be recharged with debit and credit cards. The most popular ones are Visa and Mastercard. The transaction times for these methods are longer. These means have fallen out of use. Users prefer other simpler and faster methods. However, casinos still include them in their libraries.

The most modern online entertainment centers also accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. They provide the public with a variety of wallets or exchanges to receive deposits and send winnings. They offer players the great advantage of not charging fees for transfers.

In the analysis of online casinos, we also take into account the procedures for registering payment methods. The procedures should be simple. A few steps should be enough to deposit and withdraw funds. The platforms should offer intuitive and easy-to-learn mechanisms, especially for beginner players.

Our fundamental basic principles

When evaluating the possibility of playing in a casino, we always consider certain essential elements that ensure a fun and safe experience. In each analysis, we evaluate:

  • Prestige. It is very important to play at the safest online casinos. We only recommend sites of this category because the chances of being scammed are significantly reduced. Security is a vital aspect for us.
  • Comfort. Comfort for playing online is essential. Online entertainment sites must offer mobile applications that include the same functions as websites and intuitive and easy-to-learn control panels.
  • Safe earnings. Players not only seek fun, but also significant earnings, which is why casinos that meet winning bets and deliver prizes in the stipulated forms and times must be selected.
  • Availability. Customer service must be willing to assist players at all times, regardless of the time or day of the year. The attention must be personalized, addressing the special needs of the players.
  • Fun. Casinos must have a wide range of games to ensure the fun of all users, from those who love traditional attractions to new modalities.


The evaluation processes of online casinos to choose the best options must be rigorous and a series of elements must be considered. Gambling sites must be reliable and must inspire respect in order to earn the players' trust.

They must offer a series of advantages and benefits in order to be considered. They must also offer guarantees of the security of the registered personal and banking data. This analysis process must be thorough and a reasonable amount of time must be invested.

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